LE JARDIN DES SIMPLES - Terms and conditions of use

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By placing an order on this website you declare you entirely read the term and conditions of use and give your express consent. LE JARDIN DES SIMPLES offers a selection of plants as part of online sale. Relationships between the company and the customer are independant. The company reserves the right to amend these guidelines. 


The price showed on the website include all taxes ans shipping charges in Euro (€). Products can be invoiced tax excluded for companied from the EEC (except for France) providing an Intra-Community VAT code. The total price displayed in the order validation from LE JARDIN DES SIMPLES is the final price including the ordered products' price, handling and postage charges.


The payment is done in Euro prior sending by bank check (only for France) or by bank transfer (only for France). Orders will only be approved after receiving their payment.


A minimum 15 € worth order is requested for every one of it.

The last "click" gives way to order validation. It is considered as similar to handwritten signature mentioned in the article 1341 of the french Civil Code. Hence by sending the purchase order you consequently authorize LE JARDIN DES SIMPLES to debit the total amount of the order from your paying card. The order will be validated after the the purchaser's bank authorization.


Shipping charges are included in the all tax included price of the products.


Provided that no agricultural incident occurs, the plants displayed on this website are almost alway   available. The maximum delivery time generally observed for France is of 15 working days from the validation of the order. The risks the parcel encounters during its course are the purchaser's responsibility, whom can record the state of the parcel and adress the carrier their customary reservations.  The parcel shall be delivered at the adress the customer gave. From receiving payment LE JARDIN DES SIMPLES accepts the order and launches the dispatch process. The informations given by the purchaser on the order binds them: in case of mistake in the wording of the adress or name, the vendee cannot be hels responsible for the impossible delivery of the parcel. A return due to an adress mistake or an obstacle to the delivery unimputable to LE JARDIN DES SIMPLES shall be charged. Orders shall be delivered at one time in one place.


These terms and conditions of use are subject to french law. French is the language for the contract informations. Foreign customers shall check the current legislation they are subject to on the plants and other products' importation matter. LE JARDIN DES SIMPLES cannot be held responsible for any depart from the regulations of the country where the parcel is delivered. It is recomended first to contact the company  in case of a dispute in order to make a settlement offer. Otherwise only the court from where our company depends on shall be capable.


In accordance with the article 27 of the loi Informatique et libertés (n°78-17, 6th january 1978), the customers of LE JARDIN DES SIMPLES have the right to access and modify their personal data by the mean their chose (see § 9). The data LE JARDIN DES SIMPLES gathers shall only be strictly necessary for the processing of the order or the provision of personalised services.


Every notification can be adressed using the following informations:
- e-mail adress: « jardin-simples@hotmail.fr »

- telephone number: 05 49 07 87 38
- postal adress: LE JARDIN DES SIMPLES – 3 impasse St Laurent, Courgé, 79120 Vançais ;
- SIRET : 539 554 113 00016 n° TVA