Certificated Herbalist¹, I cultivate, harvest, dry, select, cut up and distil all manually since 2012.

Each plant is either cultivated and picked in our fields or in wild picking protected areas certified by ECOCERT, hence they are all organic produce. The certification is available for consultation here.

With passion I work more than 60 different plants in Vançais in Les Deux-Sèvres (79) in France. The wax used for balms also comes from here (some of the hives are only dozens of yards away from our fields) and collected by my husband.

Also I regularly update a blog which you can visit here featuring articles about specific plants as well as the dates of the events I participate, such as markets and open doors days.

Thank you for visiting our online shop, hoping to see you back soon.

¹ Herbalist is the term used to replace "herboriste" is french which has been banned under Vichy government in 1941.